March 10, 2011

Why, hello, hello, everybody.

As you might've noticed, this site has got some updates. If you've seen any of my other sites or blogs, you'll know I'm not very good at sticking with anything. I'm good at starting over. Which is what happened here today.

Explore my fresh, new site!


Observations ^_^

February 6, 2011

This shall be short.

I'm good at writing while I eat, as long as it's no beans, or chips and salsa.
I'm best at wriing, in my pajamas while i'm sleep and peaceful and at bliss. Never groggy.
Warm and wrapper up in a blaket, I can dream and create, and form new ideas.
Lemonade in Winter, Hot Choclate in Summer. As simple that, why must you question it?
I can't write when I'm in pain or it'll turn into a rant. -_-
When writing, the radio is eitehr your best frien dor your worst enemy, de...

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Site Update

February 5, 2011

Reading an amazing book called,
"The essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published: How To Write It, Sell It, and Market It... Successfully!" By Arielle Eckstutand David Henry Sterry.
right now, it's talkign about the imprtance of building an audeicne for your book, like social networking, creaitng a site, or blog. It even has a Top Ten list for a successful website! Which rings me to the update. This is the list in the book (it included details but I'm just going to type up the general idea)...

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Me... ?

January 23, 2011
I've just created this website, guys! I to have a site like Ash's but for all my stories, and well, here it is :P I'm thinking the blog will have up writing advice (from me and others), and the home pagge can have a chapter of Prey, a chapter of Katrina, and one poem displayed at a time. I'm also thinking about putting in a chat room (?) And going to find out if there could be like a comments thing. Bye, everybody :S
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